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Summerail, Palace Theatre, Marion, OH 

August 13, 2016 



Click on photo to see other pictures of the theater

This year the annual Summerail photography and slide show exhibition was held in a new venue, the Palace Theatre in Marion Ohio.  
The reason for this change was that Cincinnati Union Terminal, the normal venue for Summerail, was closed due to repairs being
made to the domed ceiling of the terminal.  It will take three years to make these repairs and it's our understanding that
the next Summerails will be held in Marion in the years 2017 and 2018.  After that, it has been proposed that Summerail
will alternate with between C.U.T. and Marion.  We've enclosed some photographs of the beautifully restored
Palace Theatre in Marion.  To visit the inside is like going back in time when TV was in its infancy and families typically
would visit theaters like this for entertainment Friday and Saturday nights.  

 Our Latest Title!

Fallen Flags in the 90's

Volume 4 



Click Here to preview Fallen Flags 4

From the camera of Steve Neff 

Green Frog Productions continues with our popular Fallen Flags Series recorded in the 1990’s.

Volume-4 contains ex-Burlington Northern GP50’s being used by another fallen flag railroad, the Indiana and Ohio. Other fallen flags making cameo appearances are the Rio Grande, Southern Pacific and Grand Trunk.

The majority of this program features Conrail before it was split in two by NS and CSX. Even though CSX, NS, and Union Pacific are not fallen flags, we’ve included run-by’s in some of their earlier paint schemes and pre wide-cab diesel loco’s.

You’ll see a mixture of older power including GP50’s, GP30’s, C30-7’s, and SD40-2s. You’ll see a run-by of a pair of Conrail SD80-MAC’s. Only 30 of this model were ever produced by the EMD Division of General Motors.

See mostly graffiti free freight cars from this time period. In addition to fallen flag roads, many of the owners of trailers on flat cars are no longer in business today. We’ve included some Bonus footage of Decatur, ILL. which includes scenes taken at Lake Decatur and WABIC Tower. You’ll see NS, CSX and Illinois Central trains working around the diamond at WABIC Tower.

Ohio locations included are; Leipsic, Springfield, Dayton, Sidney, Quincy, Enon, Snyderville, Tremont City, Mosquito Trestle, Morris Diamond (Lima), Swanders, and Hardin…

Approx. Time: 86 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off

Motion Menus




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$17.98 for Blu
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CSX Indianpolis Line

Volume 2 

Sidney, Ohio to Union City, Indiana



Click here to preview CSX Indianapolis Line Vol. 2 (Sidney, OH to Union City, IN



4K Camera’s of Steve Neff & Jay Byrd

Volume 1 covered the line from Marion Ohio to Sidney Ohio. This video will start at Sidney Jct. and cover the thirty five miles of double tracked railroad to Union City Indiana.

This program provides a great mix of CSX motive power and even includes a run-by of Kansas City Southern power in the Gray scheme as well as the popular Southern Belle paint scheme.

Intermodal, ballast, iron ore, automotive, grain and general freight are displayed in this program. Aerial scenes are blended into our ground camera scenes to give the viewer a unique aspect of train watching. Our tripod in the sky cam will let you see views that are not available any other way .

Bonus Footage includes a black and white slide show of this line when steam ran rampant on the rails. Plus a video parade of Maintenance of Way vehicles is also included.

Original video footage shot with 4K High Definition camera’s!

Approx: 76 Minutes

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off

Chapter Menus

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$17.98 for Blu
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GT Cab Ride

Springfield to Cincinnati

Extended Version 



**Don't miss a customer's review of this video below.**

Climb aboard Grand Trunk train #216 (an all trailer-van train) powered by an ex-Rock Island GP 38-2 for a cab ride from Springfield, Ohio (Maitland) to Cincinnati (CSX Queensgate yard)

 Most of the return trip is shown as far as Middletown. The Grand Trunk grained trackage rights over former Erie-Lackawanna rails from Maitland to Cold Springs then Conrail tracks all the way to Cincinnati.

You'll pass through locations such as Fairborn, Dayton, West Carrollton, Miamisburg, Carlisle, Middletown, Maud Hill, Sharon Yard, Elmwood Place, and Queensgate Yard.  

The program is of historical significance since this GT Trailer train was annulled in the late 90's. Also Grand Trunk no longer operates from Detroit to Cincinnati. Parent Company Canadian National North America spun off the former Flat Rock subdivision of the ex-DT&I to the Indiana & Ohio Railroad which is now owned by Genesse and Wyoming Railroad Company.   

You'll witness several meets with other trains on the way to and from Cincinnati. Conrail, NS and a Grand Trunk automotive train with nine all GT powered locos provide additional interest in this video.    

Onscreen graphics keeps the viewer informed of locations. Hear talk between the engineer, conductor and dispatcher.



Total Time Approx. 2-Hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Random Chapter Search

Master Footage has been Enhanced & Upconverted to HD with Digital hardware 

Our selling price is

$12.98 for Standard
$15.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
                         Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax                           

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**Dear Steve,

Purchased your "GT Cab Ride-Extended Version" through Green Frog. I just finished watching it and wanted to drop a line to say Thank You!!! for sharing this important part of railroad history. I live in the Durand, Michigan area so I really appreciate seeing Grand Trunk  while it was still very much a part of the railroad picture. The video really allowed me to feel like I was riding with you and enjoying the railroad sites along the way. I did enjoy your chatter back and forth with the engine crew as the trip proceeded. It added to the enjoyment. Especially enjoyed comments about some of the rail fans along the way. I have known similar people doing much of the same things in this area.  

It's hard to believe these images are nearly 20 years old. It just proves what you film as "everyday stuff" today will soon become the history of tomorrow and may become only a video memory.

Very well video graphed, images are really clear, camera shots extremely steady,  all in all, a REAL delight to have joined you on this Cab Ride.

Thanks again for putting it out there!!! 

Sincerely, Phil Knerr

CSX Diamond - Lima, Ohio 



Click here to preview CSX Diamond - Lima, Ohio


From the camera of Steve Neff

This video program is about the CSX Diamond in Lima Ohio in the year 2015.  At one time this "former" hot spot was the crossroads of the     Pennsylvania RR's Pittsburgh to Chicago Mainline and the B&O's Toledo to Cincinnati Subdivision.

Today, CSX owns both the east-west and north-south tracks at this location. CSX leases the previously owned Pennsy/Penn Central/Conrail line to the Chicago, Ft. Wayne, and Eastern Regional Railroad. CSX operates the previously owned Baltimore and Ohio/Chessie System tracks that carries traffic from north to south.  

Due to heavy train congestion in Chicago, Norfolk-Southern has obtained trackage rights from CSX to run between 4-6 eastbound trains per day on the old Ft. Wayne line and these trains are primarily loaded oil trains from the Bakken oil shale fields in North Dakota and Montana. You will see a couple of these trains in this video.  

Primarily the action in this program are CSX trains moving between Cincinnati and Toledo.  You will see a wide variety of foreign power such as CN, CP, British Columbia, BNSF, Southern Pacific, CF&E, Toledo Peoria and Western, I&O, Missouri and North Arkansas, several leased units, Norfolk Southern, and of course CSX .

The recently painted NS #3170, painted in the original Southern paint scheme will make a cameo appearance on a local NS train.  

Consists will be comprised of oil shale, ethanol, grain, auto racks, double stacks, coal and manifest trains.  

Both aerial and ground cameras are used in this video to give the viewer exciting and different perspectives of the action at this diamond.

Total Time: 80 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Narration On/Off
Motion Menus
Chapter Search


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$14.98 for Standard
$17.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
                         Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax                           

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Our FALLEN FLAGS VOL. 1 was reviewed in the December Issue of:

Railfan & Railroad

Issue December 2015  


Fallen Flags in the 90's Volume 1: CSX, NS, GTW, Conrail and Amtrak

Green Frog Productions. Neff Video Productions, 189 Waterbury Way, Douglasville, GA. 30134

DVD or BluRay:109 minutes, $24.95 DVD or BluRay just $29.98 plus $7.00 domestic shipping. (Free shipping for orders over $25.00)

 I feel old. I admit it. I mean if the Early 1990's are considered "historic" now then what are the glory days of my railfanning youth back in the Late 1970's considered? The years tend to blur together as you get older and it really took watching this title for me to realize just how much railroading has changed over just the past 20 to 25 years.

This very entertaining and most worthwhile disk starts off with a montage of Indiana & Ohio trains  followed by some Conrail, Union Pacific, Canadian National, Amtrak, EMD Demo Units and Grand Trunk Western action. Evidently the guys at Green Frog & Neff figured that starting out with a "shock and awe" bit of footage was the way to get things off to a rollicking start and I have to agree with their thinking here.

 The first bit of actual footage shows and Indiana & Ohio fantrip running up the former NYC line through Springfield and on up to Bellfontaine. Interesting to see this formerly busy line with welded rail and signals sort of fading into the sunset. 

Next it's some serious Conrail action blasting through Degraff, OH with widecab SD60's leading one and a standard cab SD50 leading the other. Good stuff here and I appreciate how our cameraman left the camera rolling for the entire train. Your jaw will drop when you see how little graffiti there was back then. Almost none in fact!

We see a nice UP and C&NW combo on a Conrail freight and then another shot of Mail 4 in the snow. Then it's on to some serious Grand Trunk Western action with UP power on one train and CN power leading the other. The lead unit is a former DT&I GP40 and the rear is brought up by a good old fashioned red caboose. Remember cabooses? Has it really been that long ago!

The "Variety" dial gets turned up to 10 as we go through the next part of this disk. Conrail's office car train crosses the viaduct in Sidney OH, we see the street running on the former Nickel Plate mainline through Erie PA and then take a quick trip to Rockville Bridge just outside Harrisburg PA.

 Two really sentimental pieces follow next. One is the last night of Amtrak service through Lima OH and ends with the ticket agent turning out the lights and locking the door for the last time. Hard to watch as the former PRR mainline loses passenger service for good. Then we see a Conrail rail train pulling the rail up on the former Erie Dayton branch from Enon to Fairborn OH. Ouch, ouch and double ouch. 

 More and more good stuff follows. The scenes of the former Monon street running in Lafayette IN are great as both CSX and Amtrak roll through town trying not to hit or get hit by any of the vehicular traffic that scatters as the horns blare. Then it's on to some fun times in Quincy OH as two Grand Trunk Western and one Conrail freight all try to gain control of the diamond in town at the same time. A CSX detour train rolling past the NYC tower in Cold Springs OH is another real gem as Cold Spring was a hard place to find unless you really knew where you were going. 

I could list twenty other bits of footage that I found enjoyable but I'm hoping by now you're seeing that this is one sweet DVD chock full of a wide variety of action that you are bound to enjoy. I own dozens of Green Frog and Neff Video DVDs and have never been disappointed. Steady and competent camerawork combined with informative (yet not intrusive) narration at a very fair price equals a series of titles well worth some of your railfanning dollars and this little gem is no exception. 

This disk is the first in a series of "Fallen Flags In The 90's" titles and I can't wait to pick up the other two. I have a hunch you'll feel the same way. Buy this one now and get ready to enjoy some really classic railroad action from our not so distant past, a past that somehow still feels like 50 years ago have gone by!


Frank Garon


Railfan Park - Fostoria Ohio 
       September 26, 2014



Click here to preview Railfan Park - Fostoria Ohio


We explore the brand new railfan park in Fostoria Ohio that was opened in 2014.

Railfans from all over the world visit this location and it is one of the nicest parks in the US. The park is open 24/7, 365 days per year.

The park is in the shape of a triangle due to three major railroad mainlines converging here. These three mainlines are the Chicago to Pittsburgh CSX Line, the Columbus to Toledo CSX Line and the NS FT. Wayne to Bellevue Ohio Line.

High Definition Video was shot both from the ground and from an aerial drone. The aerial shots will give you a better perspective of the layout of the park, as well as new and unique Railroad videography not possible before.

Bonus video of other popular railfan locations in Ohio are shown which include train watching spots such as Deshler, Berea, Attica Jct. and Greenwich. In addition you’ll see bonus footage of four NS Heritage Units running on the NS Dayton District.

Other bonus content includes trains running in Tipp City, Fairborn, and Springfield Ohio. Fast Paced, Unique Aerial shots, and a variety of trains round out this program available on DVD and BluRay.

Approx. Time: 94 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off


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$17.98 for Blu
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Fallen Flags In the 90's Vol-3
       Post Merger CSX, Conrail, I&O and NS



Click here to preview Fallen Flags in the 90's Vol. 3

This is the third volume of the Fallen Flags of the 90’s Series. When this footage was captured, only Conrail was still active, but not for long as both CSX and Norfolk Southern took control of their portions of the Conrail split on June 1, 1999.

See CSX locomotives in all kinds of paint schemes, as well as many non-wide cab locomotives that were still in use at the time. You will also see a variety of NS and of course Conrail locomotives in this program.

Most of this footage was obtained in South West and North West Ohio. A few scenes were also captured in NE Indiana. The Indiana and Ohio Railway had taken over what was left of the DT&I/Grand Trunk merger. You’ll see a few runbys with the attractive I&O paint scheme.

Locations in Ohio are: Ridgeway, Quincy, Sidney, Ottawa, Columbus Grove, Miamisburg, Dunkirk, Kenton, Berea, New River Yard North of Hamilton, Thackery, Pemberton and Springfield,

Indiana locations shown are: Corunna, Elkhart, Bryan, Kendallville, Waterloo, Sherwood, and the Ohio/Indiana border.

You’ll see specialty trains including the Conrail Office Car Special with 3 “E-units” and the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus train.

The Wisconsin Central makes a cameo appearance with an F45 and SD45 pulling an ore train on the CSX Toledo Sub at Sidney Ohio.

Tons of action, Locations, and Classic Video Footage from the HD camera of Steve Neff!

Approx. Time: 90 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Narration On / Off


Our selling price is

$14.98 for Standard
$17.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax

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Fallen Flags In the 90's Vol-2
Post Merger CSX, GT, Conrail, SF, UP 



Click Here to preview Fallen Flags in the 90's Vol. 2



This is the second DVD of our popular Fallen Flags in the 90's series. Again we return to western Ohio and see the remnants of pre-merger CSX locomotives of the B&O, SCL, ACL, Chessie, Seaboard System, Family Lines, L&N and all the variations of the "new" CSX paint schemes. You'll see Grand Trunk led trains with both GT and foreign power such as Norfolk Southern. In this era the Grand Trunk was still using cabooses so you'll view these as well.

Most locos in this program are conventional cab with both high nose and low nose variations. There are a few scenes with the wide cab CSX power which is just starting to appear in this era. All kinds of trains are included such as high priority trailer trains on Conrail, automotive, grain trains, coal trains and of course general merchandise trains. Even Conrail and CSX inspection trains can be seen making the rounds.  

Locations include Bryan, Leipsic, Quincy, Fairborn, Tipp City, Springfiend, Lima, Cincinnati, Middletown, Enon, Cold Springs, Gretna, DeGraff, Thackery, Crestline, Miamisburg and Tremont City, Ohio.  

Pacing shots of GT, Seaboard Systems, Family Lines and CSX are shown running between Ottawa and Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Bonus footage in this program includes video taken out west at Raton Pass, New Mexico. Brand new Santa Fe GE Dash 8-40CW's and Dash 9-44CS's are seen pulling and pushing a York Canyon coal train through Raton Pass. 

Total Time: 112 Minutes 

Special Features: Audio Select Narration On/Off

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Chapter Search

Motion Menus


Our selling price is

$14.98 for Standard
$17.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax


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DT&I Railroad - The Henry Ford Years 1920-1929 on DVD 
A video Documentary
Steve Neff with Scott Trostel 



This program features movies made to chronicle Henry Ford's ownership of the Detroit, Toledo, & Ironton Railroad from 1920-1929. The first 56 minutes of this 95 minute program cover the DT&I operations from Ironton Ohio to the Detroit area. Some of the scenes include Wellston, Jackson, Glen Jean, Waverly, Summit Hill, Bainbridge, Greenfield, Washington C.H., South Charleston, Springfield, Quincy (including High Bridge), Lima, Napoleon and Flat Rock (near Detroit).

The balance of this program includes bonus footage of:

The Ford Way of Railroading

Ford Touring the Lima Locomotive Works

The Story of Ford Coal and Coke operations

Assembling Automobiles at the Ford Plants

The total runtime of this program is 1 hour, 35 minutes and is in Black & White with location graphics. The first 56 minutes are narrated as well as the ford Tour of the Lima Locomotive Works. The remaining footage is not narrated but on-screen explanations depict the action.

This video was produced by Steve Neff & Scott Trostel

Steve Neff performed the video editing and Scott Trostel provided the script and narration.

Our selling price is

$24.95 for Standard
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax

Fallen Flags In The 90's Vol. 1 
Post Merger CSX, GT, Conrail, Amtrak 


Click Here to preview Fallen Flags in the 90's

View highlights of the 1990's in this review of events and fallen flag railroads that took place during this decade. Most of the action is in Western Ohio but will also include street running in both Lafayette Indiana and Erie Pennsylvania, which in both cases, is no longer possible because the rails have been removed from the streets.

See Rockville Bridge in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Witness the last runs of the Amtrak's Capitol LTD and Broadway LTD in Lima Ohio. See the last DT&I that we ever saw still in Orange Paint with Black DT&I lettering in Durand Michigan.

Watch Erie jointed rail being removed from the right of way near Fairborn Ohio. View an Indiana and Ohio Excursion Train run in the Springfield area.

Locomotives from the Grand Trunk, Conrail, and pre-CSX era are shown. Fallen flag rail cars will be in abundance with 98% of those without graffiti. See mail and trailer trains, manifest trains, auto rack and auto parts trains, grain and coal trains.

See the EMD SD70M demonstrators in action as well as the Conrail Operation Life Saver train being pulled by E8 diesels. Watch a GE center cab diesel kick empty coal cars around near a now offline coal fired plant in Miamisburg Ohio. See a public relations Amtrak train in both Columbus and Springfield Ohio trying to drum up business for Amtrak travel on the 3-C Corridor between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

Watch a snafu in Quincy Ohio where there is a 3 way meet between a Conrail TV Train and two Grand Trunk trains and see how this stalemate situation unfolds. View a CSX detour train from the CSX Toledo sub roll past Cold Springs Tower near Springfield and gain access to Cincinnati via the Conrail Cincinnati Line.

In addition to the locations mentioned above also see locations such as Bellefontaine, Ada, DeGraff Curve, Jackson Center, Hamler, Caledonia, Maitland, and Marysville.


Note: The Original Format of this DVD set is 4x3 Standard Definition! 

Disc1- 55 Minutes

Disc2- 54 Minutes

Two Disc Set

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

All On One BluRay Disc!

Part-1 55 Minutes

Part-2 54 Minutes

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Up-Converted to HD from our Standard Definition Video Masters

Our selling price is

$17.98 for Standard
$19.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax



 DVD-CSX Indy Line (Marion to Sidney)


Click Here to see CSX Indianapolis Line

The CSX Indianapolis Line portrays action on the 66 mile long segment between Marion and Sidney Ohio. Conrail was the previous owner of what used to be called the "Bee Line", which was the former NYC track that ran between Berea (Cleveland) Ohio and St. Louis.

When NS and CSX divided Conrail, the Bee Line went to CSX. This section of the Indy Line consists of two subdivisions: the Indy Sub and Mt. Victory Sub.

We cover perhaps the busiest part of this Line because it is connected to the Toledo Sub at Sidney, the Toledo and Ohio Central and Scottslawn Secondary at Ridgeway and the former C&O line between Columbus and Toledo at Marion.

You'll see the colorful orange Schneider and blue Pacer Stack Trains in action as well as the "hot" Q-008 mail and stack train. Multilevel auto trains are in abundance as well as grain, mineral, coal, and of course manifest trains.

Watch the Schneider Shuffle take a side trip to N. Baltimore Ohio on the Toledo and Ohio Central at Ridgeway, and negotiate the brand new connector tracks at both Ridgeway and Galatea. See the rail-fan favorite KCS Southern Belles in action in Ohio.

This program Includes Google Maps which show camera locations and track layouts at various junctions and diamonds.
Bonus: Put this Disc into your computer drive for High Rez Photos and Maps

Approx: 84 Minutes

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Narration On / Off
Motion Menu's
Chapter Search

Our selling price is

$14.98 for Standard
$17.98 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax


Click here to see Amtrak Cab Ride Train 645 on YouTube

Amtrak Cab Ride Train 645 - 2 DVD Set

Green Frog Productions, and Neff Video Productions

The Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad was a rail line in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, connecting Philadelphia with Pittsburgh via Harrisburg. It is still an important cross-state corridor, composed of Amtrak's Philadelphia to Harrisburg Main Line, SEPTA's Paoli / Thorndale Line, and the Norfolk Southern Railway's Pittsburgh Line.

Climb aboard and ride in the Cab of Amtrak train #645 in 1998, as we ride along the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Main Line from 30th Street Station to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We pass Amtrak and SEPTA trains, active towers like Overbrook, Paoli, Park, and Cork during our 105 mile journey.

2 Disc Set
Disc 1 - 68 Min.
Disc 2 - 42 Min.
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround

Our selling price is

$18.98 for Standard
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax

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Railfanning Ohio - Volume 1

From the HD camera of Steve Neff

This program captures some of the exciting train action that Ohio is noted for. You will see some frequently visited locations such as Oak Harbor Ohio, and Marion Ohio, then we watch some train movements at more obscure locations such as Springfield, Fairborn, Bucyrus, Eaton and Attica Jct.. We even acquired some run-by footage in nearby Richmond IN.

The majority of trains will lean towards Norfolk Southern, with some CSX thrown in for good measure. You’ll even see one of the NS Heritage Units, the NKP #8100, pulling a coal train towards Northern Ohio.

Witness Klaxon Horns replacing train horns at railroad crossings in Springfield Ohio. See brand new NS EMD SD70ACE 4300 horsepower loco's, with paint so fresh you can smell it. Watch double stack trains on the NS Dayton District. This was due to increased bridge clearances that were recently completed to permit this higher type of rail car to clear these structures.

Watch the CSX/KCS double stack Schneider train arrive at Marion from the North and make a runaround move to drag the consist East to the Marion Schneider Intermodal Yard.

Divisions covered:

NS Dayton District, NS Sandusky Line, NS Chicago Line, the NS New Castle Line and the CSX Indy line (former Conrail Bee Line)

Approx: 74 Minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Our selling price is

$19.95 for Standard
$24.95 for Blu
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax


NS Tour Volume 8 New Castle District on YouTube

Norfolk Southern-A Tour of the Thoroughbred Volume 8 (New Castle District)

Norfolk Southern Railway is one of the nations premier transportation companies. Its Norfolk Southern Railway subsidary operates approximately 20,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, it serves every major container port in the eastern United States, and provides efficient connections to other rail carriers.

On April 1, 1976, the N&W took over control of this route from Conrail, with the purchase of 81 miles of track from CP Mill near Evendale, Ohio, north of Cincinnati to New Castle, Indiana.

Close to $30 million was spent in the next three years to upgrade this deteriorated branch line to mainline status. Welded rail was installed in 1977. Passing sidings were upgraded and lengthened.

The New Castle District officially opened for business in October 0f 1978. In 1986 trains could now be routed from Atlanta to the Motor City Detroit through Ft. Wayne.

This video will cover operations of the Norfolk Southern New Castle District between Hamilton, Ohio, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Time: 126 Minutes

Our selling price is

$19.95 for Standard
$24.95 for Blu 
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax

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Conrail Buffalo Line Part-2 on Youtube

Conrail Buffalo Line Part 2

Kase, PA to Renovo, PA

In this installment we will be following the Buffalo Line in certain spots from Kase in Sunbury, Pennsylvania to Renovo, Pennsylvania. We start our journey at Kase, milepost 257, where we left off in Buffalo Line Part One.

Locations include: Celotex Factory, Kase, Northumberland Yard, Front St. Station, CP. Norry, CP. Wat, Montgomery, Muncy, Koppers, Linden, McElhatten, CP. Lock Haven, Farrandsville, Hyner State Park, Farwell, Renovo.

Time Approx: 70 Minutes

Our selling price is

$19.95 for Standard
+ $5 shipping.
Ohio residents add 6.75% Ohio State Sales Tax

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